Nani Gang Leader Effect on USA Box Office

Nani Gang Leader Effect on USA Box Office
Nani Gang Leader Effect on USA Box Office

To hit movies in Telugu states .. To be hit in the US is very different. There is also a super hit movie in there. Some heroes, however, are more popular in the US than others. Top heroes Mahesh Babu has a huge track record in the US. also have a super record in the medium range heroes. Nani’s film is easy to reach the one million dollar mark with good talk.

But in the meantime the situation has completely reversed. Nani films are a disadvantage for American distributors. It all started with the ‘krishnarjuna yuddham. Even ‘Devadas’ are nowhere to be loss at box office. Super ratings for ‘Jersey’, Critics also acclaimed. The generally acclaimed film is hugely popular in the US. but Jersey also missed this nearby..

The latest is the ‘Gang Leader’ situation. The gang leader’s openings were good but the box office could not stand it. This did not disappoint the US distributor. Whatever the reasons may be, trade analysts say Nani’s films are a disadvantage for distributors in the US. In fact, every hero movie is churning into the pockets of distributors .. And why is Nani talking about it? How much less talk about the rest of the heroes!



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