Nani, Karthikeya, Gang Leader Movie, Gang Leader Review, Latest News
Nani, Gang Leader Movie, Gang Leader Movie Review, Latest News

Movie Name – Gang Leader
Main Leads – Nani, Priyanka, Kartikeya
Music – Anirudh Ravichander
Direction, Screenplay – Vikram Kumar
Editor – Navin Nooli
Cinematography – PC Sreeram
Production – Mythri Movie Makers

Natural star Nani and young hero Karthikeya’s Gang Leader has been in news from the past few months. After a decent round of promotions, this Vikram K Kumar’s directional is out on public domine today. Let’s see how it went on.


In order to know the whereabouts of a bank robbery, a gang of five members features various age group women knock the door of a noted revenge story writer Pencil Parthasarathy(Nani). While the gang is investigating deep about the robbery they come to know that a racer named Dev(Karthikeya) is involved in it. In what way Dev is interlinked with the massive robbery? Will Nani’s Gang face off him and puts him behind the bars? Is narrated in Vikram K Kumar’s style.

What works:

Hero Nani is the show-stealer. He is a backbone for the film and delivers good performance throughout the film. It is his screen presence that makes even normal proceedings also an appealing one.

The stylish entrance of Karthikeya as Dev during the interval bang looks engaging. Karthikeya got a strong role and the young hero impresses with his acting in negative shades during crucial scenes.

The first half of the film has good narration with an equal mix of humor and emotions. The way all the twists revealed in the second half has been executed effectively. The climax confrontation scene between Nani and Karthikeya has been presented decently.

Coming to the lady gang, senior actress Laxmi is too good in her hyperactive role and so is the case with actress Sharanya in her innocent role. Heroine Priyanka makes an imposing entry in Tollywood.Not only that she looks adorable on the screen but also performed decently.

What did not:

After a decent and fun-filled first half, everyone will think that the second half will have even more humor during the proceedings but instead that the director votes for an edge of seat narration which may not go well with some section of the audience.

Though the second half deals with interesting twists, somewhere the pace of the film drops unknowingly during pre-climax. The romantic angle between the lead pair is not showcased properly.

Noted comedians Vennela Kishore and Satya are not utilized properly as they both are limited to a few scenes.

Technical Crew:

Music director Anirudh is the hidden hero for Gang Leader as he elevates the film with his mind-blowing background score. His work is visible on the screen and did good work. But his songs are not that impressive as all of them are montages.

Cinematography by Miroslaw Kuba Brozek is a major asset for the film as he captured the film lavishly by using the appropriate frames. Editing work by Naveen Nooli is good but he would have trimmed the film for close to 15 minutes to make it even racier. Production values by Mythri Movie Makers are lavish and rich.

Coming to director Vikram K Kumar, when it comes to narrating complicated scripts in a easy manner Vikram is master in it. His story has a novelty in it and so is the case with the screenplay. But he could have taken care of second-half proceedings for even better results.


At an overview, Gang Leader is a revenge drama which has a different kind of story and narration. Hero Nani and Karthikeya as a villain did cent percent justice to their roles but the flows in the second half may divert the audience mood but still, it is an easy one time watch.


Live Updates (Keep Refreshing the page):

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– One of the gang members creates abundant required fascinating twist within the pre climax episode. With Vikram mark sensitivities and movie ends with an honest climax.
– Second half until currently revolves around Dev attempting to seek out out who is behind him. Story and screenplay area unit partaking in second half to this point
– Pencil (Nani) gets a serious breakthrough within the revenge, finds the money from the bank theft. Fate of the movie will depend on next 20 mins
– Gang and Dev confronting each other scene is good and Dev steals the show with some good acting skills also he starts to investigate who is behind him

First Half Report here

– BGM for investigation scenes higher the mood of the film. however half feels protracted. one time unit forty five minutes into the movie show…
– Nani and team still chase Dev (Karthikeya), the suspect of the theft and Associate in Nursing emotional scene revealing the scene of the ladies’ relatives.
– 3rd song Hoyna just completed. Song is nice however one appears like a speedbreaker to the moving-picture show flow
– Nani and team suspect Karthikeya as the culprit.
– Nani’s acting is admittedly sensible and therefore the whole thread of unveiling the villain is extremely well written
– Story picks up with introduction of Dev (Kartikeya)
– Vennala Kishore introduced as bank security guy with Hilarious scenes
– Second song Ninnu Choodu just completed, followed by a scene Nani and gang finds an important clue in their investigation. movie now getting interesting
– Karthikeya has been introduced as a racer.
– First song Raa Raaa just completed.. Movie is just ok so far with light comedy
– Priyadarshi convinces Pencil (Nani) to help the ladies gang.
– The ladies decided to get help from Pencil Parthasarathy (Nani), a famous revenge writer who wrote number of crime stories.
– All of them involved in the bank robbery got killed on the same day.
Movie opens with an interesting bank robbery scene ! 14 months later : Actress Lakshmi gathers four other victims from the robbery. 

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Gang Leader Movie USA Premiere Live Updates Review From 3:30 AM IST 

In a couple of hours, Natural star Nani’s revenge drama, Gang Leader, is all set to hit the screens.The film’s premier shows in the USA will begin from 3:30 AM (IST) on wards. As this is the first collaboration of Nani and talented director Vikram K Kumar, the audience are eagerly waiting to watch what the duo has preserved in the store.

With the teaser and trailer, the unit had made it clear that Gang Leader is going to be a revenge drama of five ladies on a deadly villain named Dev and how a budding writer named Pencil will help the lady gang to take over Dev. First the first time young hero Karthikeya is playing a negative shaded character and he will be locking horns with Nani. Young Malayalam beauty Priyanka is making her Telugu debut with Gang Leader which also features senior actresses Laxmi and Sharanya in crucial roles.

By seeing promos, it is evident that Vikaram has narrated the film on a lighter note by adding enough dose of entertainment. Amidst positive buzz among the trade circles, Gang Leader is making his entry tomorrow. Let’s see how far can this new Gang Leader impresses the audience.