Nani, Karthikeya, Gang Leader Movie, Gang Leader Review, Latest News
Nani, Gang Leader Movie, Gang Leader Movie Review, Latest News

Movie Name – Nani Gang Leader
Rating: 3.5/5
Main Leads – Nani, Priyanka, Kartikeya
Music – Anirudh Ravichander
Direction, Screenplay – Vikram Kumar
Editor – Navin Nooli
Cinematography – PC Sreeram
Production – Mythri Movie Makers

Priyanka Arul Mohan is the heroine of Natural Star Nani Gang Leader Movie. After winning an emotional hit like “Jersey”, Vikram K Kumar’s directorial debut, The film was directed by Vikram K kumar, who released many variants like Ishq, Manam and 24, which was a big hit. Now let’s go into the review and see how well the film has met those expectations.


In the story, Pencil (Nani) wants to become a storywriter. Why did the original robbery break the mystery behind it? Throughout the story, we need to know what is the relationship of another main character, Karthikeya (Dev), to the film on the silver screen.


The story seems to be slowing down for a long time before the film begins. So slowly the film becomes more and more interesting as each character gets into the story. Impressive Investigation scenes they do give the viewer the thrill of what happens next. Another major character of the film, Karthikeya Character, becomes more interesting from the point of entry into the story. Natural star Nani has always been the main attraction of the film with her performance.

Similarly, Karthikeya has also done a good job in the lead role. Priyanka has done a good job in the scenes between Nani and the heroine Priyanka. Expect a lot on this film, though Will be, Vikram K Kumar has once again made his mark in the film, though many have said that the teaser and trailers are not good enough to watch. The story he wrote and the way it unfolded gives the viewer the feeling of seeing a new story.

The film begins with a theft episode and slowly becomes so interesting. The comedy scenes between Lady Gang and Nani also the comedy between Vennela Kishore and Nani are good. The narrative shifts to sit on the edge of the chair, especially as it nears the climax. But the background remains the main attraction.

Plus Points:

Nani and Karthikeya Performance
Story and Screenplay
Anirudh Background Score

Minus Points:

Slow narration
Reducing Chemistry Scenes Among Heroine Heroes


Taken as a whole, Vikram K Kumar is once again impressed with an innovative story and narrative. Twists are the main attraction, and the downside of the movie is that it is a little disappointing in the pre-climax. Nani, as “Gang Leader”, is very impressed this weekend.