Nani Gang Leader Promotional Video

Nani Gang Leader Movie Promotional Video
Nani Gang Leader Movie Promotional Video

Allu Arjun Devi Sri Prasad left a promotional song for ‘Julay’. Since then, promotional songs have become common in Tollywood. Regardless of the content of the film, some promotional songs, while others highlight the story, create a promotional song and create hype on the film. Now Nani has also done a promotional song with Anirudh for ‘Gang Leader’.

The song, which is called Gangu, was released today. Along with the music director, Nani also made a special appearance in Song. He even tried some signature steps. However, this song is used to describe the characters in the film as complete. In the song, Nani danced about every character.

In fact promotional songs in Telugu are few but do well in Bollywood in Kollywood. Anirudh Famous In Promotional Songs In Kollywood. He also performed a promotional song for ‘Agnathavasi’ which was provided by Music in Telugu. He also performed a promotional song for Samantha for ‘U Turn’. These two songs are very popular. But now he has done a promotional song for Nani in Telugu again. This is a promotional song bonus for Anirudh. And it remains to be seen what range will be popular within this song release.




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