Prabhas Saaho Telugu Trailer, Songs, movie theatre,
Prabhas Saaho Telugu Trailer, Cast ,Songs

There is an interesting discussion among fans about the prabhas ‘Saaho’ IMAX release. The film is being released in all IMAX theaters in India. As well as overseas, the IMAX seems to be planning for a format release. But the number of theaters in China is in the thousands compared to India. IMAX theaters are just as large. There is a lot of Chinese viewing of VFX based 3D movies with advanced technology.

Superstar Rajinikanth – Khiladi Akshay Kumar Shankar has debuted in VFX 3D Wonder 2.0, which has been released in 40,000 theaters across China. There is an interesting debate in the trade circles as well. The film was released on 29 November 2018 in India. Releasing in China after much gap. China actually locked the release date of July 12, 2019 but could not be released due to various technical reasons. Announced to be postponed to September. Currently 2.0 is ready for release in China.

The 2.0 film has been released in over 10500 theaters worldwide. But now that China is releasing nearly four times as many theaters, what level of grossing will it achieve? That is arousing interest. Films such as Dangal- Secret Superstar- bajrangi bhaijaan- Hindi Medium- Andhudhan have been a huge success in China. We’ll have to wait and see how the 2.0 image connects to Audien.

Latest buzz is, Prabhas Saaho movie release world wide 40 thousand IMAX Screens reports from trade people, So just wait for a few more days to witness the biggest action extravagant which has a beautiful romance between the lead pair. UV Creation bankrolled Saaho with a whopping budget of Rs.350 crores in Telugu, Hindi. The film will release in all South languages along with Hindi