NIthiin Bheeshma Movie Review & Rating

NIthiin Bheeshma Telugu Movie Review & Rating
NIthiin Bheeshma Telugu Movie Review & Rating

Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna Bheeshma Telugu Movie Review & Rating
Release Date: 21/02/2020
Cast: Nithiin, Rashmika Mandanna lead roles
Director: Venky Kudumula
Music director: Swara Sagar Mahathi
Producer: S. Naga Vamshi

Hero Nithiin pinned a lot of hopes on his latest film, Bheeshma. Being helmed by Venky Kudumula of Chalo fame, the film is out for the public view today. Let’s see how it goes.


Bheeshma (Nithiin), a desperate bachelor falls for Rashmika at first sight. He started flirting her and when the couple is about to start their love phase, Bheeshma has to face a challenge to be the CEO of Bheeshma Organic farming company. Who grows challenge to Bheeshma? What is the connection between Bheeshma’s love story and Bheeshma Organic Company? How is Jisshu Sengupta interlinked with the entire setup? To know that, you have to catch the film in theaters near you.


Nithiin to good too on the screen as a young and youthful guy. His mannerisms, dialogue delivery are nice and are very different from past films. He is apt in the joyful meme creator role in the first half and as a tough CEO of the Organic company in the latter half.

Heroine Rashmika is like a lifeline for the film and she is good in her strong character-oriented role. All her scenes with Nithiin came out pretty well in both the halves.

The chemistry between the lead pair is too cute as both Nithiin and Rashmika look beautiful together on the screen. The fun coated narration and entertainment inserted at the regular intervals will keep the audience stick to the seats.

Vennela Kishore in the hero’s friend’s role will evoke good laughs. Senior actors Naresh, Ananth Nag are convincing in their roles. Jisshu Sengupta as the antagonist is impressive in his role and so is the case with Sampath, who portrayed the tough cop’s role.


Lack of freshness in the story and the point ‘organic farming’ has not been showcased in a proper manner. Though the film has an entertaining narration, the predictable storyline and a few lags in the second half are minuses for the film.

After the passable first half, the proceedings in the second half turn to serious tone in parts that may not get a universal appeal.

Technical Crew:

Director Venky Kudumula’s story has nothing new to offer in it but he proves his mettle by adding comedy as a strength to the narration part. Though there are a few loopholes in the second half, overall Venky succeded largely in delivering a commercial film.

Editing work by Navin Nooli is good as he tried maximum to avoid unwanted scenes in the plotline. Cinematography by Sai Sriram is brilliant as is showcased the film in a colorful manner through his framing and rich lens.

Music by Mahati Swara Sagar is one of the highlights of the film as all the songs are good on screen and so is the case with the background score.

Production values by Sithara Entertainermains banner are top-notch.


In an overview, Bheeshma is a full-filled romantic drama. Nithiin characterization and his chemistry with Rashmika will be lauded by the audience. The comedy scenes and commercial presentation of the film are nice. If you ignore the predictable episodes in the second half, Bheeshma will end up as a good watch for the weekend.