famous tollywood actor venugopal kosuri died due to coronavirus

Noted Telugu character artist Kosuri Venugopal who is known for his roles in Maryada Ramanna, Pilla Zamindar, and a few others has died due to Covid-19.

He was treated at a private hospital in Gatchibauli, Hyderabad for 22 days and his health deteriorated. He died on Wednesday. Venugopal from Narasapura, West Godavari district has retired after working as a manager in FCI.

Acting in movies while doing a job. Maryada Ramanna is well known for his performances in many films like Ramanna, Vikrama, Chalo and Pilla Zamindar. tollywood celebrities have expressed shock over Venugopal’s death. Many have expressed their grief over the loss of a good actor in Tollywood.