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NTR Fans Disappointed by Ram Charan’s Oscar List Entry..?

Mention of recent disappointment among NTR fans due to Ram Charan's inclusion in the Oscar members list, Highlighting the global success of RRR and its impact on NTR, SS Rajamouli, and Ram Charan's fame.

In recent news, there’s been a bit of disappointment among fans of NTR (Junior Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao) due to Ram Charan’s inclusion in the Oscar members list. Initially, NTR was selected as one of the actors in the Oscars Academy members list, which got his fans really excited.

They even argued with fans of Ram Charan, stating that NTR was the only one who achieved global recognition with the movie RRR, unlike Ram Charan. This rivalry between fans started during the release of the movie RRR and has been ongoing, mainly about who deserves more credit as the main hero.

The recent issue arose when both NTR and Ram Charan were listed in the Oscars members. This led to fans of both actors exchanging jabs and comments. Naturally, NTR’s fans were disappointed with Ram Charan making it to the Oscar members list. Despite these fan wars, it’s essential to note that RRR, the movie featuring NTR, SS Rajamouli, and Ram Charan, has gained worldwide fame. The film received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally.

It even won the Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles and a Golden Globe Award for its song ‘Naatu Naatu’. The movie also earned recognition at the Hollywood Critics Association Awards, including an Oscar Award, marking a significant achievement for the entire team.

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