O Pitta Katha Movie Review

O Pitta Katha telugu Movie Review, Rating
O Pitta Katha telugu Movie Review, Rating

O Pitta Katha Movie Review
Rating: 2.75 / 5
Starring: Sanjay Rao, Vishwanth Dudhampudi, Nithya Shetty, Brahmaji ..
Producer: V. Anandaprasad
Directed by: Voice kiss
Cinematography: Sunil Kumar Yan
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju
Editor: D. Venkataprabhu
Release Date: March 06, 2020

Brahmaji’s son Sanjay Rao is the hero of the movie. Brahmaji did all he had to do for the film, using his clout. He brought down the superstars. ‘O Pitta katha’ is a small film that has been a big story since its release. He brought the megastar to a pre-release event. Overall, he was able to bring buzz to the film. Now let’s see what this movie looks like with the trailer.

Venkata Lakshmi (Nitya Shetty) is kidnapped. Vishwant and Venkata Lakshmi’s father come to give the police compliance on the matter. Essay Brahmaji listens to the love story of Vishwanth – Venkatalakshmi in order to find out what happened. Viswanth goes on and says he has suspicions on Prabhu (Sanjay Rao). When Essai starts investigating Prabhu, he finds out that he too has a love story with Venkatalakshmi. After hearing the story, Essie gets a clue about the kidnapping. What happened to Venkatalakshmi, who originally kidnapped her? The rest of the story is for what it was.

Cinematographer Sunil Kumar shows the beauty of Kakinada and Godavari. Every frame, every shot and cast was presented as The Best. Vishwant has already made several films as an actor. The film also got him a variety of variants. Nithya Shetty also gave good performance. She’s also nice to see. Sanjay Rao is the first film in the world.

The actor who played the role of Sanjay in the role of ‘Fruit’ laughs well with the superb comedy timing. Brahmaji is okay. Those who did the rest of the roles were also out of their reach.

Every frame, every shot and cast was presented as The Best. Praveen Lakkaraju brought more beauty to the visuals with songs and background music. Editing by Venkat Prabhu is very slow. Cut the film even better and speed up the film. Cinematography is especially impressive after the music. The visuals are stunned in a quartet. Dialogues are okay. Would be nice if you took more care in terms of screenplay. Chandu kisses good marks in terms of kissing direction. There is content in himself.

The story of a quartet begins with a small twist to the title and continues with twists and turns to happy ending. But aside from the fact that the journey is slow, the film can be enjoyed. The director wanted to say a visual love story on the budget of the kiss .. All is well but the magic workout in the lead casting does not connect much to any love story. Director Bane handles all things comedy, romance and suspense. Overall the story of O Pitta katha is a film worth watching.

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