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OG Filmmakers Seek One-Month Commitment from Pawan Kalyan

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Pawan Kalyan recently traveled to Italy with his wife, Anna Lezhneva, to attend the wedding of Varun Tej and Lavanya Tripathi. Despite his busy schedule due to upcoming elections, Pawan Kalyan’s filmmakers are eagerly awaiting his availability to resume shooting.

Currently, Pawan Kalyan is involved in the production of three movies, but only two are currently in progress. Harish Shankar’s “Ustaad Bhagat Singh” is progressing slowly, while director Sujeeth’s “OG” is nearly complete. In a recent development, the “OG” filmmakers have requested Pawan Kalyan to allocate one month for the pending shoot work.

The makers of “OG” are seeking Pawan Kalyan’s involvement for approximately 10 to 15 days, but the actor has not made a decision yet. We will have to wait and see if Pawan Kalyan agrees to their request. It’s worth noting that actress Priyanka Mohan plays the lead role in this film, with S Thaman providing the music. Stay tuned for more updates.