Pawan kalyan angry on Nagababu?

Pawan kalyan angry on Nagababu

A complaint was made against Tollywood actor Naga Babu at the Osmania University police station for addressing Nathuram Godse as a patriot. The complaint was made by a Congress worker K Manavatha Rai. In the complaint made to the police, Rai said Naga Babu’s comments on social media were an insult to Mahatma Gandhi.

Roy alleged that Naga Babu had described Godse as a real patriot and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi was a “debatable issue.” “Naga Babu had insulted the entire nation with his utterances,” the Congress leader said.

While recalling the “glorious services” rendered by Nathuram Godse, Naga Babu tweeted recently praising Godse for doing what he had wanted to do.

We don’t celebrate his birth anniversary or death anniversary like other freedom fighters. But Nagababu is saying that we should celebrate. He said that Nathuram Godse is a true freedom fighter and we should celebrate his birth anniversary like other freedom fighters.

The actor’s tweets have triggered a sharp reaction from his followers, who condemned his remarks through their replies. Speculations are surfacing in the Tollywood regarding this. It is speculated that the Mega brothers fired on Nagababu for making such tweets especially, being a politician, Pawan Kalayn is angry at Nagababu.