pawan kalayn confirmed chiranjeevi meher ramesh movie

It is a known fact that Meher Ramesh is doing a film with none other than megastar Chiranjeevi. Many thought that the film will be announced on Chiranjeevi’s birthday on August 22nd but that did not happen.

However, Meher Ramesh wants to do a film with Chiranjeevi forever. He declared that he had been working hard for three years. Meher wished Pawan on his birthday. He also posted 2 photos of “Happy Birthday to One and Only Power Star”. Pawan replied today. While saying thanks for wishing him well .. he said all the best for the movie to be made with Chiranjeevi.

Meher Ramesh will be Chiranjeevi’s cousin. Impressing Chiranjeevi with a story is not easy at all. And what Meher Ramesh said .. whether Chiranjeevi seemed okay is still a suspense. Waiting for the official announcement. Meanwhile, Pawan officially announced the project.