Pawan Kalyan Will Again Tieup With Bandla Ganesh

pawan kalyan will again tieup with bandla ganesh

Pawan Kalyan, who has been in politics for two years , is known to have moved the camera back as per the wishes of the producers. Power Star, who is currently involved in political activities while doing movies, has lined up a series of projects. Bandla Ganesh is fan of power star, There was a small hint on this with the latest comment made by Bandla Ganesh.

Bandla Ganesh has made huge profits by working as a producer in the movie ‘Gabbar Singh’ which was earlier directed by Harish Shankar with Pawan Kalyan as the hero. Since then, his admiration for Pawan has doubled. On many occasions he even publicly said that his god was Pawan Kalyan. Against this backdrop, mega fans want another movie in the Bandla Ganesh-Pawan combo. Sentimentally, there is a chance that this combo will be a super hit.

It was during this sequence that a netizen asked Bandla Ganesh directly, “When are you going to make a film with our god Pawan?” Reacting to this, he replied, “I am in the same job, brother. I am waiting for the blessings of our God.” This means that he has given a hint that he is planning hard to do a film with Pawan. So .. let’s see what kind of opportunity this Pawan Kalyan will have for Bandla Ganesh !.

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