jana sena party chief, actor pawan kalyan wrote a emotional letter to mega star chiranjeevi birthday

Actor and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan said that his elder brother Chiranjeevi was his inspiration . Pawan said that working life is the stepping stone to Chiranjeevi’s success. He was born into an ordinary family and became an extraordinary person. Megastar Chiranjeevi released a statement with an emotional message to Janasena on Saturday on the occasion of his birthday .

Annayye is my first teacher!
“My elder brother Chiranjeevi is my inspiration. I love Chiranjeevi as much as I adore the parents who gave birth to me. My elder brother, Vadina is equal to my parents. I grew up with my older brother. In a way Annayye was my first teacher. The words of the elders that hard work is the cause of famine come true when you look at the elder brother. Gradually it grew and earned a memorable place in the hearts of millions of fans and well-wishers. The Telugu people have proudly adapted themselves to say “Chiranjeevi Mavadu”.