Payal Rajput Is Tollywood Future Hot Bomb

Payal Rajput still from RDX Love

There are no beauties in Tollywood but some of them get the hot beauty tag. The reasons are well known. Along with acting, Glamour also needs attention. Bikini Photo Shots Adapted To Put The Telugu States In The Cooker Without Breathing. If all this is sex appeal then Beauty.

There are plenty of beauties in the existing heroines but there are almost no such hot bombs. In the past this tag was for ileana. Ileana De Cruz wore the waistband so the guys could dangle. Such a girly waist should come naturally but tell me how many heroic diets do you have? That is why Tollywood is suffering from shortage of hot bombs. Payal Rajput has become a hot bomb ready to meet this shortfall.

With bold acting in the first film ‘RX100’, this is a good offer for the bikini sensation. Estimates from artisans suggest that continuing the bikini festivals can compensate for the lack of Ileana in Tollywood. See the photo above for any doubts. The answer to your doubts as well!