Police Complaint On Allu Arjun For Visit Kuntala Waterfalls

police complaint on allu arjun for visit kuntala water falls

RTI spokespersons on Wednesday lodged a complaint against Allu Arjun and Pushpa team. He was accused of not following corona rules. A complaint was lodged at the Neradigonda police station in Adilabad district on Wednesday seeking action against him. Although the authorities stopped the visit to Kuntala Waterfalls , members of the Pushpa film production team, including Allu Arjun, allegedly visited the falls in violation of COVID rules and filmed in Tippeshwar without permission.

To this extent, the union state general secretary Devulapalli Karthikaraju stated in the complaint. Police, who received the complaint, said they would register a case only after a preliminary inquiry. Representatives of the association went to Adilabad DFO Prabhakar to lodge a complaint in this regard. He submitted the petition to the office staff in his absence.

stylish star Allu Arjun, who will give clarity tomorrow , is known to have recently visited Kuntala Falls with his family and friends. Photos of Allu Arjun making a fuss at Kuntala Falls have now gone viral on social media. There he also traveled in an open top jeep to greet fans. He also planted plants in the park at Kuntala Falls.

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