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Potential Challenges for Jr NTR’s Devara Movie.

Jr NTR's Devara movie clash with Suriya's 'Kanguva' and Shankar's 'Indian 2, Summer 2024 movie release dates, Devara and kanguva is set to clash Summer release. kanguva Release Date, Indian 2 Release Date

Jr NTR faced some challenges because of issues with Koratala and Chiranjeevi’s movie, ‘Acharya.’ Money problems for ‘Acharya’ caused delays, making it hard for NTR to start his next project. But things picked up speed after ‘Devara’ movie was launched, creating a lot of excitement because of its big star cast, ambitious plans, and a good budget.

They picked April 5, 2024, as the release date for ‘Devara,’ aiming for a big summer hit. But there’s a twist – two Tamil movies, Suriya’s ‘Kanguva’ and Shankar’s ‘Indian 2,’ are also thinking about releasing in April. Both movies want to do well in Tamil and Telugu areas. Kanguva makers planning to release on April 11, 2024 and Indian 2 is later date.

Devara clash with Kanguva and Indian 2 in summer 2024

Here’s the catch: only one Tamil movie will come out, even though both announced dates for Tamil and Telugu audiences. The interesting part is if either ‘Kanguva’ or ‘Indian 2’ releases a week after ‘Devara,’ it could be tough for NTR and Koratala’s movie unless they really make a big impact at box office. It’s a high-stakes game, emphasizing the need for a super successful movie to stand out in the summer box office.