Prabhas character in Adipurush movie

Speculations about Prabhas’ upcoming Pan India film ‘Adipurush’ are skyrocketing. Looking at the currently released title logo and motion poster, it makes sense that the film is framed with the theme of Ramayana. Along with Rajamouli who commented on the film, celebrities are definitely building a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya at a time when the film on Ramudu is definitely a hype. Everyone is confident that Adipurush will definitely have a good craze. At a time like this, some are commenting that the Adipurush story has nothing to do with the Ramayana.

In Adipurush, the hero character is like Ramudu. Many of the characters in the movie are similar to the characters in Ramayana. But a section of Bollywood media is reporting that the story is not Ramayana. Adipurush says that he takes the nature of the characters in the Ramayana and shows another story with them.

In Adipurush, Prabhas is the character of Ramudu, but he does not appear in blue holding a dhanus. Also, even though the villain in this movie is Lankesh, he does not have ten heads like Ravana. The makers are confident that the film as a whole will meet everyone’s expectations and will be unimaginable. The film is slated to launch in January or February next year and be released in 2022.