Prabhas Saaho Closing Box office Collections
Prabhas Saaho Closing Box office Collections

Prabhas market status as Baahubali star has increased. based on that Saaho Box office collections raised. Telugu states along with Tamilnadu The film was the highest grossing film of the year, earning 424 crores worldwide. and this is highest movie collection this year with 424 cr gross, 232.6 Cr share..

With a massive budget of nearly Rs 350 crore, the hugely-built “Saaho” Week content is a bit disappointing, but it has surprised analysts. Due to the craziness of Prabhas, the film has made a total of 138 crores in the form of non-theatrical rights. This is not an easy share an analysis. Trade Report is what Saaho Miracles has done at the Hindi box office.

Here are the final figures of the Saaho closing.

AP -41.7 Cr
Seeded – 12.38 Cr
Telangana – 29.52 Cr
karnataka – 16.75 Cr
Tamilnadu – 6.05 Cr
Kerala – 1.60 Cr
Rest Of The India (Hindi) – 85.95 Cr
USA, Canada – 13. CR
UAE – 12.10 Cr
Australia – New Zealand – 2.85 Cr
Rest Of Asia – 5.90 Cr
Europe – 3.15 Cr
Rest Of the World – 1.60 Cr

232.6 crore of the total share of the worldwide. India Total- 194 crore shares. 83.65 crores share in the two Telugu states. At the same time, the first film to hit the big buzz this year was the number one position, Sahoo. Saaho is the 2019 Best Picture.