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Prabhas Salaar’s AP Distributors Stir Surprise Among Fans

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Prabhas’ upcoming film, Salaar, holds significant importance in his career. Originally set for a September release, the film is now scheduled for December 22nd, much to the excitement of fans eagerly awaiting updates. Promotions are gearing up, with the highly anticipated Salaar trailer set to debut on December 1st at 7:19 pm.

The business aspect of the film has taken an interesting turn, particularly concerning the distributors in Andhra Pradesh (AP). Unlike many big films typically associated with top distributors for efficient planning and execution, Salaar’s distributor list reveals a departure from the norm. Surprisingly, most distributors involved are not well-established names.

This revelation has left fans in shock and concern about the planning and execution of the film’s release in theaters. Salaar is undoubtedly a massive project, being touted as the biggest film in Tollywood since Rajamouli’s creations. Given Prabhas’ recent string of consecutive failures, fans see Salaar as a pivotal moment in his career, hoping it has the potential to mark a stunning comeback.