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Prabhas’ Wedding in the Next Year, Confirms Shyamala Devi

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Prabhas will get married within a year, says Shyamala Devi

Prabhas fans and movie lovers eagerly waiting for Prabhas marriage. speculation and rumours going on over the years but nothing confirmed. The beloved pan-India star, known for his role in “Baahubali,” has a massive global fan following. However, fans have reasons to rejoice as Shyamala Devi, the wife of late Krishnam Raju, recently made a significant announcement on Prabhas marriage.

During a visit to Durgamma temple in Vijayawada on the auspicious occasion of Devi Navratri. Shyamala Devi was questioned by the media about Prabhas wedding. Her response was clear and heartening. Shyamala Devi revealed.

“Even though Krishnam Raju Garu is not physically present, it looks like he is with me. He’s driving me forward. Our family is moving forward by remembering his name. Prabhas’ wedding is sure to happen. Prabhas will become the bridegroom by the next Dussehra. But who is the girl? I can’t tell you when the wedding date will be. There will be a good deed soon,”

This statement has reignited hopes among Prabhas’ fans, who have eagerly awaited news of his impending marriage for a long time. As the buzz surrounding Prabhas’ wedding gains momentum, it remains to be seen whether the star will indeed tie the knot before the next Dussehra. In the meantime, Prabhas is keeping busy with a shooting of exciting film projects, including “Salaar,” “Kalki AD 2898,” and Maruthi’s “Raja Deluxe/Brand Ambassador”.

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