Producer Ashwini Dutt Welcomes Suriya And Nani's Decision

It is learned that the film ‘Akasham Nee Handdura’ (‘Soorarai Pottru’ in Tamil) produced by Surya will be released live on Amazon Prime Video on October 30. Surya made the decision in collaboration with co-producer Guneet Monga as there is no chance of theaters opening now. However, senior director Hari, who created the ‘Singam’ movie series with Surya, recently wrote a letter to Surya asking him to reconsider the decision, which has become a hot topic in the industry.

“My wish as a fan is that it would be nice to see pictures of Surya on screen. Therefore, the decision to release ‘Aakasham Nee Haddura’ directly on OTT should be reconsidered, “Hari said in the letter. However, Surya’s decision was taken by the head of the leading film production company Vaijayanthi Movies, Supported by Ashwini Dutt. He said that life in the country had been paralyzed for six months due to the spread of the pandemic and that the theaters had been closed accordingly and that it would not be fair to send spectators to the theaters and sacrifice them to Corona even if they were open now.

I applaud Surya who decided to release ‘Aakasham Nee Handdura’ (Soorarai Pottru) directly in OTT and Nani who decided to release ‘V’. Although ‘V’ is the 25th film to be a milestone for itself, Nani’s willingness to release it in OTT is commendable given the realities of today .

Surya and Nani are showing a way to all those who want to stay safe at home and have entertainment. Also, I am a fan of director Hari movies. I urge him to support Surya’s decision in the interest of the audience. If Surya is released in cinemas, all his fans will come running. However, we must realize that we have no right to interfere with their lives. Given the current situation, there is a need to promote films being released directly on OTT, ”he said.