Producer Hands Up For Asuran remake ?

Producer Suresh Babu Hands Up For Asuran remake
Producer Suresh Babu Hands Up For Asuran remake

The Tamil remake of the blockbuster movie ‘Asuran’, starring Dhanush as the lead role, has been announced by producer Suresh Babu in telugu remake. Victory Venkatesh will be remaking the film as the hero. Suresh Babu is currently busy with the selection of director. Asuran is looking for a director who can execute the Telugu Nativity. Already, the name of the Raju Gari Gadhi fame Omkar. But there was no information from the unit. It was a breeze. In fact, the director of the matriarch Vetrimaran was seen to be in the field.

But he was not interested in the remake. Suresh Babu is looking for a new director. Suresh Babu has reportedly put 20 directors in line. His plan is to select one of them as a director. Part of this seems to be applying his well-known formula. Recently, Rama Naidu studios put the show of original version of Asuran in the preview theater and showed it to 20 people. Whose Opinion On Cinema They Share With Suresh Babu.

It seems that some of the directors have dropped their hands. Others have been completely unaware of the information. But at that point no director could come up with the courage to do it. Let’s see .. Someone has to come forward for Asuran. Suresh Babu is currently working on remaking Bollywood movies..