PSPK27: Another interesting title for Pawan Kalyan, Krish movie ..?

PSPK27: Another interesting title for Pawan Kalyan, Krish movie ..?
PSPK27: Another interesting title for Pawan Kalyan, Krish movie ..?

Currently, Pawan Kalyan is busy with a series of films. Earlier, he was making the film ‘Vakeel Saab’ under the direction of Sriram Venu. There has been a good response to the two looks that have already been released. Krish is going to take the film up the sets after this movie. The film has already completed a schedule for the film. There was a good response to the look released on the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. The film is set in a historical setting. Pawan is rumored to be playing a bandipotu in the film, which comes with a story about the Kohinoor diamond. The film is being shot on a large scale by Krish Pan India.


At first, he thought that he had gone for commercials .. but Krish .. Pawan Kalyan is screening this movie with the fans as well as the mass elements. The title of the film was thought to be ‘Virupaksha’. The title did not explode so much in Mass.


That is why according to the story, it has been decided to give a highly elevated title to the film. Opinions are being expressed as to what would happen if the super hit titles starring the film were titled ‘Bandipotu’ or ‘Gajadonga’.


Overall, Pawan Kalyan and Krish have been two names  ‘Gaja Donga’ or ‘Bandit’. According to the story, Pawan Kalyan is playing the role of a bandipotu. The latest news that the film is going to be titled ‘Om Shivam’ is heard in Film Nagar circles.


The film is almost confirmed by Bollywood heroine Jacqueline Fernandez. On the other hand, it is reported that Arjun Rampal is playing the role of the villain who hits Pawan Kalyan. According to the earlier story, only two songs were wanted in the film. But it is learned that Krish has finalized the script for the film so that there will be a total of five songs along with three more songs. This picture was taken by A.M.Ratnam The film is set to release next year.

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