Raja Varu Rani Garu movie review and rating
Raja Varu Rani Garu movie review and rating

Movie Name: Raja Varu Rani Garu
Movie Rating: 2.5/5
Release date: 29 Nov 2019
Cast: Rahasya Gorak, Kiran Abbavaram, Snehamadhuri Sharma
Director: Ravi Kiran Kola

Director Ravi Kiran Kola’s Telugu movie Raja Varu Rani Garu (RVRG / Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru) starring Kiran Abbavaram and Rahasya Gorak has received mixed review and rating from the audience.

Raja Varu Rani Garu is a romance drama that is high on comic and emotional quotient. Ravi Kiran Kola has written the script and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Manoj Kumar Katokar and Manovikas under the banners SL entertainments and Media9. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.13 hours.

Raja Varu Rani Garu story: Set in a beautiful village, the movie is about Raju (Kiran Abbavaram), who falls in love with Rani (Rahasya Gorak), but is unable to express his emotions. Along with two of his friends, Raju deal with the toils and troubles of romance, which form the crux of the film.

Performances: Newbies Kiran Abbavaram and Rahasya Gorak have done justice to their roles and the sparkling chemistry between the two is a treat to watch on the screens. Snehamadhuri Sharma, Rajkumar Kasireddy and Yazurved Gurram are good in their respective roles and are among the assets of the film.

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Survi @PavanSurvi

This film trailer impressed me with freshness but the movie wears out in comparison. Lopsided approach to a love story always holds the narrative from being a fully realised romance. #RajaVaaruRaniGaaru could’ve been a lot better, especially with those frames and sound

BlockBuster Friday @BB_Friday

#RajaVaruRaniGaru is a decent movie which has pace issues. The cast and crew put in praiseworthy performances. Climax of the movie saves a boring 2nd half. Our rating 2.75/5


#RajaVaruRaniGaru Final Report-An Average Fare With Slow Paced Screenplay Positives Few Comedy Scenes Cinematography BGM Casting Negatives Dragged In Many Parts Weak Screenplay #RVRGonNov29 #RVRG

TechGlare Deals @Techglares

Went to the Premier Show of #RajaVaaruRaniGaaru. A Superb Movie with True Emotions and Comedy. You Will Love “Chowdary” Character. Catch it in Theatres on Nov 29th.