Rajamouli Reaction On Mahesh Babu Movie Storyline

Rajamouli Reaction On Mahesh Babu Movie Storyline

Director Rajamouli, who is currently busy with RRR, is all set to make his final film with Mahesh Babu. It has been rumored that Rajamouli has prepared a catchy story line for the film, which will be produced on a pan-India level. This caught everyone’s attention on this typical combo. In a recent interview, Jakkanna reacted to the film.

How is the movie going to be with Mahesh? What kind of drills are being done on it? Answering the question asked by the anchor .. Rajamouli said that while making a film, he did not think about another film, he was like me from the beginning. RRR said he can’t say now if the movie is over but I will think about what kind of movie to do with Mahesh Babu. With this, it seems that the rumors about Mahesh Babu-Rajamouli movie storyline have been checked.

On the other hand, sources close to Rajamouli say that Rajamouli’s upcoming film with Mahesh Babu is being planned as a James Bond or cowboy type action movie. To this extent the talk is running that he told his father Vijayendra Prasad to prepare a strong story. However, in a recent interview, Rajamouli said that his first priority is to keep the film secret. So .. let’s see and will the rumors about the upcoming movie in Mahesh Babu-Rajamouli combo take a full stop .. or not?.

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