rakul preet singh approaches delhi high court against media trial in drugs case

Rakul preet Singh , who is facing charges in a drugs case, has approached the Delhi High Court. The petition seeks an injunction restraining media coverage of defamation. Rakul asked the court to issue directions to the Department of Information and Broadcasting not to air any articles about him in the media. The bench of Justice Naveen Chawla, which received her petition, conducted the hearing.

Supreme Court has ruled that producer Ashok Reddy, who has nothing to do with himself, should not interfere with media reports. Justice Chawla referred to earlier Supreme Court directives that articles should be aired under media self-regulation. The court issued notices to the Department of Information and Broadcasting, Prasara Bharati, News Broadcasters Association and the Press Council on the occasion.

The Delhi High Court has directed media houses to exercise self-restraint in airing articles on individuals. The High Court said that the petition filed by Rakul could be treated as a complaint and action could be taken by the concerned departments.