Ram Charan talks about on behind the cameras

Ram Charan talks about on behind the cameras
Ram Charan talks about on behind the cameras

(Ram Charan About RRR Movie & His Photography)Actor Ram Charan, what started as a fun at a tender age eventually turned into a serious hobby. Charan grew fascination with photography at the age of 10, clicking random pictures of his family members and friends. To him even then, photography was all about capturing true emotions.

“I had this fascination for photography even during my school days. Although I never had a professional camera, I remember I used to have a small Casio camera when I was in my eleventh grade,” recalls Charan.

The joy of capturing moments slowly developed into a hobby and prompted him to explore further, leading him to even learn photography techniques. Even recently, Charan clicked some beautiful ones when he and his wife Upasana went on an African holiday. So what does photography means to him, we wonder. To start off with, Charan insists that it’s not just about capturing animals and the wildlife.

“To me, photography is about capturing the moments and emotion in their purest form. When I look back at these captures, it makes me nostalgic and brings me a sense of gratification and pleasure for having recreated those moments,” the actor states.

Then, showing us some of his photographs, a visibly relaxed Charan talks about how liberating it feels when he takes pictures. “All the pictures I click have an interesting story behind them. It could be a picture of two deer standing next to each other, ostriches romancing, or of a lion protecting its cubs and a tiger looking at the road ahead. All these pictures bring out the natural emotions of the subject and tell a story about life.”

Even as we wonder if his photography complements his acting skills, he admits that his artistic side rubbed off on his photography. Then he talks about the alignments he tries to catch in his shots. “I started looking for natural alignment rather than just looking to capture the frame. I like to play with various alignments so it allows looking at a photo from different dimensions and perspectives. And isn’t that what life’s all about? Sometimes, you have to look at life differently,” he says, even as his eyes light up. Charan is currently shooting for the film RRR, which is directed by Rajamouli. The actor will be seen in the role of the revolutionary leader, Alluri Sitarama Raju.



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