Ram Charan and Jr NTR Remuneration for RRR Movie

Ram Charan and Jr NTR Remuneration for RRR Movie
Ram Charan and Jr NTR Remuneration for RRR Movie

RRR is a big movie directed by director Dhirudham Rajamouli . Rajamouli is set to debut after a visual wonder like Baahubali. The RRR film is being made ambitiously with a budget of Rs 300 crore. Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Young Tiger NTR are the heroes of the film.

With Rajamouli, cinema is no ordinary thing. It takes a lot of time. Jakannah worked for Bahubali for 5 years. Now not so much for the RRR but taking up a huge amount of time. NTR and Ram Charan are unlikely to make another film for at least a year . The two hero careers are currently on the peak stage.

At this time, it is not uncommon for a single movie to last a year. For regular commercial films, there are at least two or three at this time. It is difficult to assign such a single film. However, the producer Danayya is offering the same level of remuneration to Charan and Tarak.

Awaiting Darling Dedicated To One Movie For One Year But now NTR and Charan Farm do not look like this. But in addition to this reward, the company has agreed to pay Rs 10 lakh per month for the entire day of the shooting. This means that apart from remuneration, Rs 10 lakh will be paid every month.

And it seems that technicians are getting the same amount of money. Rajamouli, who works as a family-run cinema, has been touted as a producer who has agreed to give 50 per cent of the profits. This includes the gratuities of Keeravani, Vijayendra Prasad and Rama Rajamouli. Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan and Tamil senior actor Samudra Khani are playing key roles in the film. Bollywood beauty Alia Bhatt will be playing the heroine opposite Ram Charan, while NTR will be joined by Foreigner.



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