Ram ‘Red’ is NOT Release in OTT

Ram 'Red' is NOT Release in OTT
Ram 'Red' is NOT Release in OTT

After receiving a blockbuster with ‘Ismart Shankar’, Ram approached the mass audience. Later, he made a film called ‘Red’ under the direction of Kishore Thirumala. The film was produced by Ram’s own banner ‘Sri Sravanti Movies’. Ram played a double role in ‘Red’. It is known that it was inspired by Tamil ‘Tadam’. Already released teaser and two songs .. created a good buzz on the movie.


He also said that the business was doing well for the film. Gemini would have also acquired the satellite rights at a fancy rate. Meanwhile, it is planned to release ‘Red’ in OTT as the theaters are not in a condition to open at present. But that’s what Gemini is talking about. The thing is .. if you want to release ‘Red’ in OTT then ask them to reduce the amount sold to Satellite Rights and give it back.


The producers of ‘Red’ did not agree. If desired, Netflix will not be offering ‘Red’ on Sun Next for four days. But Gemini seems to have rejected the offer. With that, it seems that the ‘Red’ team is in a dilemma again. Based on this, it is clear that the ‘Red’ OTT will not be released.