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Rangabali Movie Review & Public talk

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Actor Naga Shaurya latest movie Rangabali, the film has released today with high expectations. The film is director by Pawan Basamsetti and its debut movie. Rangabali trailer and teaser creates good hype so lets go and check out Rangabali Review & public talk.

Rangabali Movie Review & Rating: 2/5Starring: Naga Shaurya, Yukti Thareja, Shine Tom Chacko, Satya, Brahmaji – Director: Pawan Basamsetti – Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri

Story: The summary of the movie is about a guy named Shaurya who loves his hometown and is forced to leave for studies in Vizag. There he falls in love with a doctor named Sahaja, but her father opposes their marriage due to an issue with the Rangabali center in Shaurya’s hometown.

The movie explores how Shaurya resolves the issue and reveals the connection between a character named Parasuram and the problem surrounding the Rangabali center.

Positive Points: Sathya’s Comedy – College Scenes – Actions Scenes Negative Points: Story & Direction – Flashback Episode – Songs & Fights – Weak Climax

Analysis: This action entertainer manages create comedy with the characters and especially Satya’s comedy and timing in the first half works out hilariously. Director succeeded in maintaining the same moment till interval where the conflict starts.

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Now the second half starts on a promising note but fails to create the same magic with the writing and screenplay. The point makers wanted to present was good but it fails to engage. Even with the terrific actor, the flashback which is the key portion in 2nd half fails to leave any impact.

Naga Shaurya Rangabali Review and Rating

The presence of Murali Sharma and Sarathkumar in important roles is not effectively utilized by the director. It is felt that better scenes could have been written for them. Additionally, the character of Anantha Sriram does not contribute to the plot of the film.

Coming to Performances, Naga Shaurya was decent and his role as “Show aka Shaurya” was unique and showcases a new Shaurya. Yukti Thareja heroine looks good. Shine Tom Chacko was solid in his role. But it’s comedian Satya who rocks with his impeccable timing. Pawan CH background score is OK and production values are good.

Verdict: Rangabali is a poorly written and incomplete action comedy drama. The only highlights are Naga Shaurya’s acting and Satya’s comedy. However, the film lacks substance and fails to generate much excitement. If you decide to watch it, it’s best to keep your expectations low.

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