Rare Gift To KGF Star Yash & Radhika
Rare Gift To KGF Star Yash & Radhika

Kannada rock star Yash is known worldwide. Only one “KGF” has changed his fate. The film is currently busy with a sequel. Under the direction of Prashant Neel, Homebale is producing this film with a huge budget. If not, KGF star Yash Family Life is knows everyone. He married the beauty heroine Radhika Pandit. The couple has had one baby.

Birth of a daughter is a rare happy moment and also Winning the KGBF Release Blockbuster in the same month. That is why Yash – Radhika Pandit couple wants to hide every single memory of their child in the form of photo-remedies. However, Radhika Pandit makeup man, who realized this ambition, took the little girl’s feet and hands and gave them a photo frame as a gift. This made the star couple to happy moment. It was a sweet memory to forget in their life. As the daughter grows older, the couple wants to show her little hands and also legs.

Now Radhika carrying second baby, Fans expect another good news for KGF2 release time. Is Junior Rocking Star born again or is it Junior Radhika? Fans hope to see it.


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This definitely is going to be my most favourite piece of art ❤ @iamradhikapandit

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