Ravi Babu made such a big adult movie

Vammo Ravi Babu made such a big whore movie ..?
Vammo Ravi Babu made such a big whore movie ..?

Ravi Babu movies have an image in the Telugu industry .. those have a craze. Whether his films are hits or flops, a section of the audience will continue to watch. However, so far all his films have been concept-oriented. Suspense and comedy are tried one at a time. But now Ravi Babu has completely changed the root. Simultaneously, he made an adult movie. ‘Crush’ was supposed to be a teenage love story but no one expected it to be an adult film.

The film, directed by Ravi Babu with a completely new cast, will definitely not be released in theaters. Because all dialogs are lost in the sensor. Because those words are worse than a B grade movie. Ravi Babu is coming up with such a movie now. Audiences are wondering what Ravi Babu is doing in a movie like this. Starring Abhay Sinha, Krishna Burugula, Charan Sai, Ankita Manoj, Parri Pandey, and Sri Sudhareddy in the lead roles.

Ravi Babu released a 3-minute video and increased his interest in the movie Crush. Ravi Babu said in the teaser that the whole movie is going to be completely sexual. Completely adult comedy .. This director filled it with such jokes. Ravi Babu did such an adult comedy for the first time in his career. However, after watching this teaser, many people are saying that Ravi Babu did such an adult movie.