Renu Desai’s Web Series ‘Aadhya’ Shooting Details

Renu Desai Aadhya Web Series Strats Officially

Renu Desai is set to make her comeback to acting after a long gap. She plays a CEO in an upcoming Telugu web series. The buzz is that the series is titled Aadhya. The web series will come out to the audience in a total of 12 episodes.

Directed by Krishna Mamidala, the web series will be jointly produced by DS Rao and S Rajinikanth. Presented by U and I Padmanabhareddy. It stars Nandini Roy and Bollywood hero ‘Vaibhav Tatvavadi’ in the lead roles. The first web series in four languages ​​was officially launched at DS Rao’s office on Vijayadashami day.

Leading industrialist Chinti reddy Ananth Reddy presented the script to director Krishna after the pooja. Afterwards, Nilakantha switched on the camera for the Muhurta scene shot on Renu Desai and DS Rao clapped. Directed by MR Krishna Mamida. The event was attended by photographer Shivendra Dasaradhi, Pilla Zamindar Fame Ashok, BVV Chaudhary, Rajinikanth and others.

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