Karthi Khaidi telugu movie Review, Rating
Karthi Khaidi telugu movie Review, Rating

‘Karthi Khaidi’ Movie Review
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Karthi – Naren Kumar – Harish Bestan – Harish Paradi
Music: Sam CS
Photography: Satyan Suryan
Producers: SR Prabhu – Radhamohan
Writing – Directed by: Lokesh Kanakaraj

Karthi, a Tamil hero who once made a good craze in Telugu, has since lost the market with films that are inappropriate. He was impressed with films like ‘Oopiri’ and ‘Khaki’ and missed track again. He is now in the audience with an action thriller called ‘Khaidi’. Let’s see what the ‘prisoner’ looks like on the screen in the promo.

The story:

Dilly Babu (Karthi) is a life-long inmate in one case. After completing the ten-year sentence .. he will be released after the remaining four years of imprisonment for good behavior. He was desperate to see his daughter, who had never seen him before. He was responsible for saving 40 policemen from a major accident. The reason why so many cops depend on him is whether he saved them or met his daughter.


Khadi’ is about two and a half hours long. This two and a half hour story ends in a few hours of the night. So this time there is not a single song. The heroine does not even appear next to the hero. Romance does not have Chance. In one scene the hero gives a low-ranking police officer a hint about him . Hero begins to tell the story. In both of these cases it is possible to go back to the past and share some story with the heroine. But director Lokesh Kanakaraj has not compromised. With just two minutes of dialogue, the hero’s talent in the past. Somewhere with a relaxed screenplay .. Straight Nation for two and a half hours without moving the audience, ‘Khadi’ made a special movie.

In any story, our directors are accustomed to smelling spices in the name of commercial hangings. Even if we can’t fault it. Such efforts to please the masses are natural to entertain all kinds of spectators. But if the story is interesting .. if the story is interesting .. Chati says that the audience can engage without the need for such a hangup. Movies that tell a story like this are rare. The story goes from the doll on the screen to the end. There are no hero elevation. But the uniqueness is that they are all part of the story. Though there are some cinematic Liberties out there that lead the story away from the logic, Overall ‘Prisoner’ convenes the audience.

The director of the story started without taking too long to introduce the characters in the ‘Khadi’. A quarter hour reveals what the hero task. He was taken to the hospital without any knowledge of the drug addicts who had been drugged. The story of the ‘prisoner’ is how he has overcome his obstacles on his journey and fulfilled his responsibilities. So what if the hero’s obstacles here .. Rowdies attack him. One such episode may cost ten minutes. The director was able to repeat such episodes again and again without getting bored. With so much action throughout the movie, the audience of the genre is completely satisfied. The emotional thread between the hero-daughter touches the hearts.

In the first half, the story goes a little slower .. In the second half only runs. The second half was highlighted by some lightning scenes clapping with the audience. In particular, the machine gun scene in the climax is the highlight. The emotional scene between the hero-daughter accompanied by the scene, which seems to be the WOW, gave the film an end. So as a sinner who is committed to the story, there is no logic in the elastic ‘Khaidi ‘ .. There are some scenes that seem a bit confusing. In addition, it is questionable how those who are accustomed to regular commercial films enjoy it. Stay tuned .. Screenplay is mainly for fans of elastic action thrillers.


Karthi is a good actor. The ‘prisoner’ took him further up the stairs. His performance in the scene is very complimentary about the injustice done to his family. He was able to bring the feeling of a half-hour episode with his gestures and dialogues. Karthi’s performance is hooked in every scene where the daughter is still playing. He was also impressed with heroism. The role of ‘prisoner’ in Karthi’s career is no doubt a landmark. Naren has done well as a travel police officer along with the hero. The boy along with the couple played nicely. Harish Bestan has a small role. The rest of the cast did just fine.


‘Khaidi’ technicians have given strength. Sam’s CS-themed music was instrumental in elevating the scene and provoking emotions in the audience. There is much to be said about Satyan sun photography. The cinematographer’s difficulty in every scene of a movie that goes on all night. The film should be congratulated by SR Prabhu, the producer of the film without compromise. Lokesh Kanakaraj, who has become the epitome of ‘our city’ (Telugu city) .. This time he threw himself into the challenge with his many limitations. Bigi Sadalani made the film interesting with the screenplay and made good marks as a director.

Finally: The Khaidi .. Thrilling Journey

Disclaimer: Do not take this review as the ultimate classification of the movie. Please use discretion and watch the film to form your opinion. This review is to help you in that process only.