RGV Announces His 3 Part Biopic Titled Ramu

Ram Gopal Varma has been in the news lately for his opinion on the Sushant Singh Rajput case and his films. On Tuesday evening, Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter to announce his biopic. He revealed that the film will be made in 3 parts with a total runtime of six hours.

Varma is going to appear in a role with three variations in all three parts. In the first part, Varma is going to show 20 year olds. For this, a new actor is going to be shown as Varma. While another actor is playing the role of Verma in Part 2 .. Verma says that he will enter the field himself for Part 3.

The film will be produced by Bommaku Murali, written and supervised by Ram Gopal Varma and directed by debutant Dorasai Teja. The film will go on floors in September.