Sai Teja Prathi Roju Pandage Movie Review and Rating
Sai Teja Prathi Roju Pandage Movie Review and Rating

Prati Roju Pandage Movie Review Rating

Movie Name: Prati Roju Pandaage
Rating: 3/5 stars
Release date : December 20, 2019
Starring : Sai dharam Tej, Raashi Khanna
Director : Maruthi
Producers : Allu Aravind, Bunny Vas..

Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej’s and director Maruthi’s Prati Roju Pandaage is carrying good buzz among the audience. Touted as a family entertainer, the film has hit the theaters today. Let’s see who it goes.

In order to make his lung cancer affected grandfather’s (role played by Satyaraj) last days happy and colorful, Sai Teja an NRI returns to India. Soon after coming Sai reunions his giant family to make his grandfather happy and joyful. The rest of the story deals with the importance of human relationships and beautiful moments that are being missed in these busy and restless lives.


Sai Dharam Tej’s stylish makeover as an NRI is good and his performance in key emotional scenes is decent. Satyaraj is the main pillar of the film as the entire plot revolves around him. The senior actor did his part nicely and breathes life into the emotional scenes.

The core emotions showcased in the second half of the film are executed in a decent way and will be loved by the family audience. Heroine Raashi Khanna is gorgeous on the screen and is lively in the given fun role as TikTok celebrity. All the love scenes between the pair are good and their chemistry is nice.

Rao Ramesh and all the noted artists are okay in the given purposeful role.


The main drawback of the film is that it has a flat and predictable narration. All the scenes in the first half are inspired by the past typically family films and lack freshness in them.

The way the emotional scenes handled in the second half are okay but some of them look too artificial with an outdated presentation. At one point in time, the audience feels it watching a teleserial instead of a feature film due to too many melodrama episodes.

Satyaraj’s character should have been handled in an even better way as he is the main USP of the film.

Technical Crew:

Firstly, director Maruthi should be lauded for attempting a clean family film. But he should have concentrated more on writing fresh scenes and nice screenplay to make the things appealing. His flat narration without any twists and turns is a big minus for the film.

Editing work by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is okay and cinematography by Jayakumar is the biggest asset for the film. His work is the best one in the film as he tried to showcase the film in a colorful manner.

Music by SS Thaman is good as all the songs are good on the screen and the same is the case with his background score. Production values for this limited budget film are rich.


In an overview, Prati Roju Pandaage is a clean family entertainer with predictable narration. A few fun scenes and the family emotions work at parts but lack of freshness in the script makes the film a one time watch.