Samantha Jaanu Movie Review Premier Live Updates

Jaanu Movie Review US Premiere live updates
Jaanu Movie Review US Premiere live updates

Jaanu Telugu Movie Review, Rating and US Premiere Live Updates..

Full Movie Review

Jaanu: A collection of soulful moments


7:2o AM: The film comes to an end on an emotional note.. Keep watching this space for the full movie review..

7:10 AM: The climax portions are going on with Na Kale song playing in the backdrop

6:58 AM: More drama is on between the lead pair..

6:48 AM: Pranam song showcasing some beautiful moments between Jaanu and Ram is on now..

6:43 AM: Flashback ends on a sad note. Present day narration is on and a few nice scenes are on between Ram and Jaanu

6:33 AM: Again the film shifts to flashback. A few inter college scenes are going on.. As one would expect, Samantha impresses with her performance..

6:20 AM: Sam takes Sharwa to a barder shop and asks him to trim his beard. Scenes related to it are going on.. Sharwa and Sam share a great on-screen chemistry..

6:14 AM: Inthena song is on now. A beautiful montage song capturing dramatic scenes between Ram and Jaanu…

6:10 AM: Second half started with nice bonding between Sharwa and Samantha..

First Half Review: Till now, the film is okay and has a poetic narration. Flashback episodes are canned in an effective manner and bring life to the proceedings.

5:58 AM: The film comes halfway on a pleasant note with a small twist regarding Ram’s life.. Break time..

5:53 AM: Reunion meet also completed. Now, the journey of Ram and Jaanu kick-starts in the one night…

5:45 AM: Flashback done again. First meeting scene between Ram and Jaanu is going on at the reunion meet..

5:40 AM: Flashback scenes are on from Samantha’s perspective.. Sharwa’s family leaves Vizag and Ram takes TC from the school and moves to Hyderabad. Jaanu left alone..

5:30 AM: Flashback ends. Now, Samantha makes an entry as Jaanu at the reunion event.

5:18 AM: Nice childhood scenes are on between Sharwa and Samantha.. Feel good scenes where old friends meet up brings some laughter are going on now..

5:12 AM: Eventually, the discussion among the school mates leads to the flashback episode. 2004 batch school scenes are on…

5:07 AM: Sharwa, Kishore and Ramesh are planning for a reunion meeting.

5:00 AM: Beautiful scenes with adorable background score are going on. Ram visits his school and he is recollecting his school memories.. Sharwa (Ram) trying to re-connect with his school mates. Vennela Kishore and Thagobothu Ramesh make an entry as his school friends

4:55 AM: Sharwanand(Ram) is tutoring a few students in photography… Choosi Choodangane fame Varsha Bollamna as Sharwa’s student. The entire team lands in Vizag now.. Senior actor Raghu Babu makes an entry as school security guard. Scenes are on between Sharwa and Raghu Babu
4:52 AM: Sharwa as a tutor for photography students. Scenes related to it are going on
4:48 AM: Lavishly canned song and showcased wildlife in a nice manner
4:45 AM: the film has started with Life Of Ram song. Sharwanand is seen as a photographer

Release Date: 07/02/200
Rating: 07/02/200
Cast: Sharwanand, Samantha Akkineni, Vennela Kishore, Varsha Bollamma
Director: C. Prem Kumar
Music director: Govind Menon
Producer: Dil Raju

Jaanu Movie Preview:

Star heroine Samantha and Sharwanand’s Jaanu, the official Telugu remake of Tamil cult hit, ’96 is all set to hit the theatres in a few hours. The film’s US premieres will start at 4:30 AM (IST).

Jaanu is a special film for many reasons and one of them is that it marks the collaboration of talented actor Sharwanand and star heroine Samantha. The film’s promos and songs are almost like a faithful adoption from the original but the lead pair made it different by bringing the feel in the tale in the trailer. But surprisingly, the film is carrying very low buzz among the targetted youth audience as most of the audience have already watched the original ’96 online already. But a good word of mouth will not stop any film for achieving what it deserves and it is going to be the main boost up for Jaanu too.

Prem Kumar, who directed the original version has directed the film in Telugu too. Top producer Dil Raju bankrolled Jaanu. Hope the film becomes a big hit as it was in Tamil.

Jaanu Movie Trailer: