Samantha Oh Baby Film Review
Samantha Oh Baby Film Review

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– As expected Samantha wins the popular star musical contest without any struggle!

– Samantha wants to win the star musical contest. The movie is heading towards the climax.

– Naga Shaurya proposes Samantha. She is yet to accept. The band is getting ready for a big musical star event. Three bands reach finals and Sam’s is one of them.

–Second half started. Samantha (Young Baby) is set for a live performance in the band.

-It’s Interval time, before that Rao Ramesh and Rajendra Prasad keep searching for Lakshmi (old Baby)…

– Lakshmi back to her family as Young Samantha. Meanwhile, Shaurya who’s looking to form a band impressed with samantha singing skills.

– Twist to Baby’s character. everybody within the family thinks Baby is dead. Samantha enters the show.

– Chanti (Rajendra Prasad) and Baby (Lakshmi) square measure sensible friends. Baby’s domination within the family raising stress levels for everybody. Doctor advises her son Rao Ramesh to stay her faraway from the family.

– prof Shekar (Rao Ramesh) opens the show Ohio Baby. he’s teaching gerontology that deals with the care of recent individuals.

Preview: Samantha Oh Baby

By no means did we’ve a lot enjoyable watching Samantha within the teaser and the trailer of ‘Oh Baby’ as a 73-year-old granny who turns younger when her age reverts to a 23-year-old.

Samantha promised enjoyable together with her presence and physique language, and he or she would be the crowd puller for the film no doubt. A humorous teaser coated all characters within the movie. The glossy reduce of snippet is spectacular but attention-grabbing.

Director Nandini Reddy who should sustain the promise she made within the type of the promos. Depart apart her latest flops. Nandini Reddy might need invested one of the best of her expertise in Oh Baby.

Actors like Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Naga Shourya appeared 100% and hope they’d shine once we watch the movie in entirety. Nonetheless, that is Samantha yet one more woman orientation movie. Off late she has carried out a number of.


The distributors planned its release well in advance. Redheart Movies tweeted on June 19, “#ohbaby 500 + Premier shows in USA Long weekend Release Families – A whole entertainment on the way @Samanthaprabhu2 @IamNagashaurya @peoplemediafcy @gurufilms1  @MickeyJMeyer & the entire team.”


Redheart Movies shared its schedule list and made advance booking on July 2. The distributors tweeted, “#OhBaby – Fun Emotional Family Entertainer on the way Online booking opened !!! July 4th USA Premiers from 10am onwards.. Online ticketing in reserved locations is selling hot.. Thank you team & @Samanthaprabhu2 @nandureddy4u @IamNagashaurya @SureshProdns @gurufilms1 #Teja.”