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Samantha’s response to ₹25 cr rumors

Rumors have been spreading that Samantha Ruth Prabhu received a large amount of money from a Telugu superstar to help with her myositis treatment. However, the actress clarified on her Instagram story that these reports are false and put an end to the misleading information.

Samantha, a prominent actress, recently addressed the circulating rumors regarding her alleged financial assistance of ₹25 crores for myositis treatment. These rumors claimed that Samantha had sought such a large sum of money to support her medical expenses.

In response to these speculations, Samantha took to her Instagram story to firmly deny these rumors and set the record straight. She clarified that she has not sought any financial assistance of ₹25 crores for her medical condition.

“25 crores to treat myositis!? Someone got you a pretty bad deal. I am glad I am only spending the smallest fraction of that. And I don’t think I was paid in marbles for all the work I’ve done in my career. So I can easily take care of myself. Thank you. Myosotis is a condition thousands suffer from. Let’s, please be responsible with the information we put out regarding the treatment,” she wrote.

Samantha's response to ₹25 cr rumors
Samantha’s response to ₹25 cr rumors

Instead, Samantha explained that she has been busy with the promotions of her upcoming film “Kushi,” indicating that these rumors were distracting from the real focus of her endeavors.

Furthermore, Samantha next project – starring in the web series “Citadel.” This upcoming venture displays her commitment and enthusiasm towards her career, despite any personal challenges she may be facing.

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