Shivathmika Rajashekar tweets about her father Rajashekar health


we already known that Dr Rajasekhar and Jeevitha tested positive for COVID-19. Both are being treated at a hospital. his daughters Shivathmika also tested positive for COVID-19, but they have recovered. Rajasekhar’s health condition is still alarming information. Giving clarity on the matter, his daughter Shivatmika tweeted.

Shivathmika wrote: Nanna’s fight with covid-19 has been difficult, yet he is fighting hard. We believe that it is your prayers, well wishes and love that protect us and keep us going. I am here asking you, to pray for Nanna’s speedy recovery!, With this, the film industry is worried about his health condition.

When it comes to Shivathmika movies .. she is currently starring in the upcoming Ranga Marthanda directed by Krishna Vamsi. The film is almost done shooting. Information that Ranga Marthanda will be released in OTT due to Corona.


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