Shivatmika Rajasekhar Glamourous pose

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Star Kid .. If the filmmaker is not the heroine of the hardcore .. If you get together with the success of luck. But the plus point for Star Kids is that they are quickly recognized. Girl or boy is tagged so that will immediately register in the minds of the audience. Think of it as the new heroine .. Success is hard to recognize until it is achieved. Dr. Rajasekhar the second daughter Shivatmika is introduced to Telugu through the movie Dorasani. The film was not a success but was praised for its performance. Even when the film is a flop, it is rarely appreciated.

‘Daurasani’ is a period film .. Traditional to look at, Glamour fails. However, Shivatmika has begun to use social media to cover the deficit. Needless to say, this Generation Heroine is so active on social media. The number of followers for his Instagram account is huge but active. If a movie hits, that number automatically increases.By the same account, Shivatmika shared photos of her photo shoot. In these photos, the gorgeous black color saturated with a satin gown. The caption says ‘that’s it’ for a photo. Post Glamorous Photos! The highlight in these photos is Glamour but more attractive ghostly eyes.

These photos have been cited by netizens as distressing comments. “Beautiful” .. “You are like a life girl” .. “Beauty girl must be like you” .. There is no official announcement yet when it comes to the Spiritual Next Project, but it is reported that two projects are under discussion.