Shruti Hassan Glamorous Selfie

Shruti Haasan has been living in London for almost two and a half years for a music career in London. Since they were both out of work, they are now re-entry and making films in Tamil. Personal life .. No matter how many leaps in the profession, social media remains active and gives fans an update.

Shruti recently gave another update. Shruti is currently in the country of Hungary. The Cigarette Festival is taking place in Budapest. Went to participate in that festival. This is the Biggest Multicultural Music. Artists from all over the world come here and entertain the guests with their activities. Shruti has an inseparable association with Singing and hence she enjoys it. She took a selfie on the spot and posted it on her Instagram account. Black – Yellow color sleeveless gown looks a bit hot with selfie in the top angle. Wearing a five-tiered chain in the neck. The original International Festival is so singing along with its sexiness.

These photos have been commented on. “Super Stylish Shruti” .. “Sexy Selfie” .. “Red Color Goggles Super”. When it comes to movies, Vijay Sethupathi is making a movie called laabam’ in Tamil. Two more projects are in the negotiation stage but no official announcement has been made yet.