Shruti Hassan Walks Out Of Shooting Spot

Shruti Haasan Walk Out From Her Latest Movie shooting spot

Tollywood actress Shruti Haasan who fell in love with her boyfriend Michael Korsley, stayed away from the silver screen for a few months and recently moved the camera back.. Shruti Haasan walked out of the her latest movie shooting spot of Vijay Sethupathi’s Laabham movie the other day. There were different reasons heard from the rumor mills, but Shruti Haasan herself decided to rubbish them all off by clarifying the same.

Laabam shooting reached last schedule and the climax scenes wre being shot in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri areas. Learning about the shooting, Shruti came on the sets .. A large number of people came to see her from the surrounding areas. It is learned that Shruti haasan only jumped out of the shooting in the middle but also got angry at the unit for not taking the minimum precautions. later day Shruti tweeted to reveal the reason for walking out of the set.

COVID is a serious health risk everyone ! The pandemic is not over ! I as a person and an actor have the right to prioritise my safety and health if protocols are not followed ! Just saying..

— shruti haasan (@shrutihaasan) November 19, 2020

Although the fear of corona has decreased slightly compared to the past, the corona boom is still going on abroad. While the actors and technicians are struggling to complete the shootings with the protocols and regulations, Shruti Haasan feeling it risk with flocks at the outdoor sets is apt and reasonable. Apart from that, Shruti Haasan is busy with the shootings of Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab and Raviteja’s Krack.

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