Solo Brathuke So Better Review- Second half syndrome

Sai Dharam Tej and Nabha Natesh Solo Brathuke So Better Telugu Movie Review

Movie: Solo Brathuke So Better Review Rating
Rating: 2.75
Star Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Nabha Natesh, Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh,Vennela Kishore
Director: Subbu
Producer: B.V.S.N. Prasad
Music: S. S. Thaman
Release Date: 12/25/2020

After almost nine months gap, the theatres across twin states opened with Solo Brathuke So Better today. Starring Sai Dharam Tej and Nabha Natesh in the lead roles, SBSB is the first noted film released post-Covid hard times. Let’s analyse it.

Story: A guy named Virat( Sai Dharam Tej), who is an ardent follower of inspiring singles like R Narayanmurthy, AB Vajpayee, Mother Teresa, Abdul Kalam decides to lead a happy and soulful single life forever. In his journey, Virat also gets good support from his uncle(Rao Ramesh ). After finishing his college, Virat gets a job at an event management company and this is the time when Virat comes across a beautiful girl named Amritha ( Nabha Natesh). How Amritha brings drastic changes in Virat’s life? Will Virat keep aside his being single ideologies and fall for Amritha? What kind of incidents happen in Virat’s life later? Forms the rest of the film.

Merits: Sai Teja as a young and energetic youth is apt in the given role. His comedy timing and trendy makeover according to the given role are the best part of the film.

Sai improved a lot when it comes to performance in a few emotional scenes. His chemistry with Rao Ramesh’s character works well on the screen.

Though heroine Nabha Natesh joins the film during the interval block, she makes her presence felt in the crucial second half. All her combination scenes with Sai Tej are being executed nicely.

Comedian Satya’s comedy scenes with Sai Teja and his hilarious dialogues evoke good laughs during the first half proceedings.

Demerits: After the engaging first half with a nice twist towards the interval block, the second half kick-starts on a slow note.

Later, the pace keeps on dropping eventually with some artificial emotions and pointless proceedings in the second half.

The main intention behind Sai Teja’s decision of being single has not been projected in a convenient manner.

The main thread behind Sai Teja and Nabha Natesh has a lot of loopholes in it. Even the ending portions and the way film has ended up looks so artificial and disappoints the audience.

Star comedian Vennela Kishore has not been used in a proper manner as his comic scenes in the second half will literally spoil the mood of the audience.

Technical Aspects: The main highlight of the film outrightly is Thaman’s music as his songs and background music are so endearing. Editing work by Navin Nooli is not up to the mark as the second half of the film has a few unwanted scenes. The cinematography by Venkat C Dilip is good as his framing and presentation has colourful texture.

Finally, coming to the direction, debut director Subbu has tried his best to narrate the film in an engaging manner in which he succeeded partially. His execution in the first half is good, the second half lacks soul in it with abruptly narrated scenes.

Overview: All in all, Solo Brathuke So Better is a youthful entertainer which has a good first half and dragged later part. Though Sai Teja is good in the given role, the unconvincing second half and climax make SBSB an okay watch during this Christmas season.

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