Sonu Sood Has Decided To Title His Autobiography Book I Am No Messiah

Actor Sonu Sood has revealed the title of his book– “I Am No Messiah”. The book will be written in first person, revealing the emotional challenges the actor faced while extending help. Sonu Sood , a popular actor who selflessly served as a real hero in a lockdown caused by the corona virus, is writing his own life story.

There is no need to tell the public specifically about the services that Sonu Sood did during the lockdown. He supported a thousand migrant workers. Sonu took all the migrant workers to their hometowns on buses, trains and planes at his own expense. Not only this .. there are mobile phones, laptops for students, tractor for a Dalit farmer from Chittoor district, software job for Warangal girl .. so to speak.

“People have been very kind and have lovingly named me messiah. But I really do believe that I am no messiah. I simply do what my heart tells me to. It is our responsibility as human beings to be compassionate and help each other,” Sonu shared. The book, which will be co-written by Meena Iyer, is expected to be out in December.