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Spy movie review: few decent moments

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SPY Review & Rating: 2.75/5 – Starring: Nikhil, Iswarya Menon, Rana Daggubati, Sanya Thakur, – Director: Garry BH – Producer: K Rajashekhar Reddy – Music Directors: Vishal Chandrasekhar, Sri Charan Pakala

Story: In this story, there is a terrorist named Khaadir who poses a major threat to India. A RAW agent named Subhash successfully kills Khaadir, but he himself dies mysteriously. However, RAW discovers that Khaadir is still alive and plans a mission to get rid of him.

Jai (Nikhil), who is Subhash’s brother and also a RAW agent, is given two objectives. The first is to kill Khaadir, and the second is to uncover the truth behind Subhash’s death. The story revolves around whether RAW or Khaadir will come out on top.

Plus Points: Nikhil impressive performance  – Action sequences – Production values – Story

Spy movie review

Minus Points: Direction – screenplay – BG Score

Analysis : Nikhil Siddhartha comes up with another good content film. SPY isDecent in most of the portions and will test your patience in lot of portions. The writing was decent
in both the halves. The first half was average but with the comedy and one liners of Abhinav Gomatam, it doesn’t feel boring. The second half is Decent with the more interest about the conspiracy theories about Subhash Chandra Bose death.

Director Garry BH was successful as Editor with the fast pace and crisp cuts. The film is technically rich and the background score was OK. Nikhil gives another solid performance as Jai and he gives one more content based film.

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Bose sequence in the 2nd half came out well along with a few other moments. However, nothing else really works. It runs on a flat pace and is routine to the core for the most part.

Other spies Iswarya Menon, Saanya and Abhinav did thier best. A nice debut for Iswarya Menon in Telugu. Finally Rana cameo and elevation for indian freedom fighters made the climax more powerful.

Final Word: Spy is a generic spy action movie without anything innovative. However, the sincere performance of the actor Nikhil and a few good moments salvage it to some extent. The main drawback is the plain storytelling, lacking excitement or thrilling elements. If the focus had been more on Subhash Chandra Bose, the film could have been much better. Overall, Spy is an okay watch as long as you don’t expect too much from it.

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