Sree Vishnu Thippara Meesam Review, Thippara Meesam Movie Review, Ratings
Sree Vishnu Thippara Meesam Review, Thippara Meesam Movie Review, Ratings

Release date : November 8, 2019
Rating : 2.75/5
Starring : Sree Vishnu, Nikki Tamboli, Sreekanth, Rohini
Director : Krishna Vijay
Producers : Rizwan
Music Director : Suresh Bobblli
Cinematography : Sid
Editers : Dharmendra Kakarala

Sree Vishnu is one of the most under-rated heroes in Tollywood.He also selected a good number of good subjects and made a distinction for himself. So now it is another variant of Krishna Vijay’s directorial venture “Thippara Meesam” with Nikki Tamboli as the heroine. The film was released today with a good deal of interest with posters and videos. Now let’s go into the review and find out how much the film has impressed the audience.


The story goes that Sree Vishnu works as a deejay in a pub. Sree’s life, which has become so accustomed to betting, turns out to be an unexpected turn. What is the turning point in Sri Life? What are the reasons for Sri Gudam becoming a slave? Is there any strong reason to hate her own mother? The film is to be seen on the silver screen to know what kind of circumstances he was facing due to the turning point in Sri’s life.


The first strength of the film is that of Sri Vishnu. So far, we have seen many of the roles that Srivishnu has done. Likewise, the heroine Nicki Tamboli has done her full justice Each episode of the emotional dimensions of his mother, but also baguntundimukhyanga srivisnu and the last 10 minutes of the film is the main attraction of the entire film.

Rohini, who became the mother of Sri, once again has acted wonderfully. When it comes to director Krishna Vijay, it takes a long time to establish the point he wanted to make. As a result, the audience feels that they are seeing a good subject image from Sri Vishnu, which slowly starts to water.

In addition, the slow-moving screenplay is not interested in cinema. With the exception of just a few elements, the rest of the movie is soooo good. And while some of the betting scenes and episodes like Flashback in Flashbacks look a bit interesting, the movie just feels the same. But when it comes to other technical genres, the cinematography provided by Sid from the first frame is excellent.

Suresh Bobbili, who composed the music, was a plus. Not only the songs but also the good background music. But the directing hit the film. Drug addict and aggressive hero. And even the most crucial screenplay is not overpowering. It would be nice if Krishna Vijay had taken many precautions in this regard.

Plus Points:

Sree Vishnu
Cinematography and music
Last 10 Min story

Minus Points:



Overall, Tollywood’s most underrated hero, Sri Vishnu, in another sense, director Krishna Vijay, has been magnificent. As well as being the main attraction of the good emotional episodes, the poor storytelling and directing hit the film Soul completely. For these reasons, the film may have been a billow average flick near the box office.