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SSMB29: Rajamouli’s Global Vision with Superstar Mahesh

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Rajamouli and Mahesh Next SSMB 29 is a Pan-World Movie in Two Parts. Director has been busy delivering consecutive blockbusters, establishing himself as a Pan-India director. Now, he aims to reach the global market with his next films, transitioning from Pan-India to Pan-World. Collaborating with superstar Mahesh, Rajamouli has devised an extensive plan for SSMB29 movie. It’s reported that Rajamouli believes the success of this plan hinges on Mahesh, who possesses the charismatic talent of a Hollywood star.

A team of writers, including Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad, has nearly completed the SSMB29 movie screenplay. Reports suggest that shooting will commence shortly, with pre-production underway and SSMB 29 movie cast selection nearing completion. However, an intriguing update on the project has surfaced. Close sources to the movie, indicate that Rajamouli and his team plan to release the SSMB 29 movie in two parts.

While Baahubali was initially intended as a single film, it unexpectedly evolved into a two-part epic, both of which were massive hits. Now, the film with Mahesh will follow suit in two parts. Long-standing rumors suggest it is a forest adventure movie, potentially based on a popular English novel.

Advanced visual effects, akin to Baahubali and R.R.R., are set to be a highlight. The goal is not just a Pan-India release but to capture the global market. Reports indicate collaboration with a renowned Hollywood studio for this ambitious project. Backed by prolific Telugu producer KL Narayana with a substantial budget, the film is expected to feature renowned technicians, prosthetics specialists, and stunt masters from Hollywood.

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