Suriya Bandobast Trailer Review

Surya, Bandobast Movie, Bandobast Trailer, Latest News
Surya, Bandobast Movie, Bandobast Trailer, Latest News

Surya’s big action entertainer kaappaan is all set to release in Telugu this month titled Bandobast. With the pre-release event held yesterday, promotions are on the way. Meanwhile, it is not known whether this huge film has any expected hype, or the decision to change the backdrop of negative comments over a previously released trailer.

The NSG Officer (Surya) is the personal bodyguard for the Prime Minister of India (Mohanlal) when it comes to content. The attacks on the Terarrist have threatened the survival of India. It has a connection to another young man (Arya). In these difficult situations, how does Surya fulfill his two responsibilities at once?

Overall the trailer cut in action mode is impressive. Director KV Anand, who has a special fondness for Telugu with Rangam Movie, has once again shown his own making style. Harris jayaraj Music MS Prabhu Photography is in Hollywood Standard. After the NGK disaster, the market in Telugu was well and the sun hopes on you. The Bandobast, which has already been postponed two to three times, is set to compete with Valmiki as the final.



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